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This page has been created for users who worry about their privacy and how their personally identifiable information is used on the website.

What Information does DriverHost collect and when we collect

When you are visiting our site or ordering a product or signing up for our newsletter. We will ask you for your email address and your name and that is all. This is collected to announce you of any new updates on the site.

  • We collect this information so you can get give us some feedback on how we are doing.
  • Provide you with much better services and improve the blog for you.
  • To ask you to rate our posts and services.

What measures we take to protect your Information?

We do not scan for vulnerabilities or scan to PCI standards. However, we use malware scanning on a regular basis. At the moment we are not using any SSL certificates. The reason is that we do not use any personal information or ask for it. We only provide articles and PC and mobile phone drivers.

Do we use 'Cookies'?

Yes, we do use cookies on our website. They are only transferred to your website if you allow it. This is to help you show related articles and downloads of your interest. You can always check to opt out of this and delete the cookie.

3rd-party links

We may add the third party links in our posts when sending visitors to the official sites for documentation or double checking. Those websites have no deals with us, they have their own privacy policies anything you do there is your responsibility and theirs.

Google Ads, DoubleClick, and DART Cookie

We use Google AdWords and AdSense for advertising on our blog. You can have a look at their policy here.

Google because it's a third-party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on our blog. Google uses the DART cookie which enables it to show ads to visitors like you based on what you like. You can easily opt-out of the DART cookie by having a look at their Content network and Google Ads policy.

What we implemented:

  • Displaying Ads on our site and remarketing with AdSense.
Alongside that, we also use Analytics to collect data about our visitors and what parts of the site are popular. This includes the DoubleClick cookie.

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions about the privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us using the link below.

Last Edited on 02/22/2018.

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